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spray water, placed in the water, otherwise it will cause leakage or damage to the human body or the lamp. In terms of visual effects, the red and blue combination plant lights appear pink. When using, ensure that the product is used under normal conditions. It is the use of these two color combinations. All the material rings of the product meet the requirements of environmental protection and do not contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury.

Applications, suitable for any growth period of the plant, and is effective for aqueous culture or soil cultivation. The work environment of the lamp is -2040C, 4595RH. Respecto a las formas, gracias a la facilidad de manejo que tienen las velas LED les permiten mayor libertad que las velas normales, por lo que admiten cualquier forma que podamos imaginar; flores, animales, plantas o cualquier otra forma es posible para las velas LED. Desde el mismo control remoto podrs encenderlas, apagarlas y cambiarles el color, para que cada da te relajes como ms te apetezca. Con las velas LED podemos disfrutar toda su luz y efectos evitando todos estos problemas. It is known that light regulates the photosynthesis, growth and development, morphogenesis and metabolism of plants. The 400-500 nm (blue) light and 610-720 nm (red) contribute the most to photosynthesis. The ratio of red and blue LEDs of LED plant lights is generally between 4:1 and 9:1, usually 4-7:1.

Con las velas LED no tendrs que volver a pasar por esto. However, for traditional high-pressure nano lamps and metal halide lamps, only 8-10 of light efficiency. Qu tipos velas LED hay? To provide both red and blue light, covering the range of wavelengths required for photosynthesis.

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